Be part of the change – Global Impact Report 2019
23 September 2019 - Impact Hub Team

The Impact Hub network has launched its 2019 Global Impact Report. The report features details of how communities of entrepreneurs globally are creating significant change in combating the world’s most challenging problems and are contributing significantly to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The 2019 Global Impact Report is the culmination of gathering relevant data from a number of their 16,500 members of 100+ locations in over 55 countries around the globe. Impact Hub’s report demonstrates how entrepreneurial communities are offering viable solutions towards sustainable development, with statistics in the report showing that 60% of members are putting ‘impact-first’.

The report also highlights how Impact Hub members are encouraging economic growth, especially in the social impact sector, with 10,000+ new ventures and 29,000+ net new jobs created since 2012. Collaboration also permeates the report as one of the primary benefits for change-makers working in our network, with the members who made many connections ending the following year with a total of 17,300 USD more investment than their peers who made fewer connections.

The data shows the impact that tailored support programs can have for entrepreneurs looking to develop an idea or scale a venture. In 2018, the Impact Hub network ran over 100+ successful entrepreneurial support programs and 100+ collaborative innovation programs focused on SDGs and ecosystem development globally. You can find out more about our local innovation programs at Impact Hub Bergen here

On a local level, Impact Hub Bergen members said that being part of the network had helped them to:

  • Feel part of a larger community: 85%
  • Learn about new issues and trends: 73%
  • Strengthen their personal motivation: 83%
  • Partner and collaborate with other members: 67%
  • Connect to advisors and experts: 71%
  • Come up with new ideas: 65%
  • Evaluate the impact of their own activities: 71%

On average, our members related 20% of their professional success in 2018 to their membership at Impact Hub Bergen. Members showed a high level of trust toward others in the community and felt that they have good bonds with their fellow coworkers. 100% of respondents stated that they would recommend Impact Hub Bergen to a friend or colleague.

Impact Hub Bergen members also appreciate the atmosphere, events, hosting and space aesthetics and design at Impact Hub Bergen:

Impact Hub Bergen rates highly on its atmosphere, aesthetics and design, hosting and events


How can you be part of the change?

  1. Visit for more information and to download the full report.
  2. Search #bepartofthechange, #networksforchange, #scalingimpact on social media to find impact stories in other Impact Hub locations.
  3. Stop by at Impact Hub Bergen to learn more about the Impact Hub network and how you can get involved.