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Impact Nights: Tech for change – disaster response

Mar 16th
18:00 - 20:00

How can we combine technology and digitalisation with doing good?

That is the main focus for the 2017 Impact Nights series- Tech for Change.

Digitalisation and new technology are crucial ingredients to be able keep up with the rapid changes in the global markeds, but it also opens for new ways to cope with our global challlenges.

For the first event this season we have invited three speakers that all works in the cross section between technology and disaster response. How can we use technology and digitalisation, like croudsourcing and mapping, as useful tools to improve humanitarian response during natural disasters and other crises?

Come and hear our speakers:

Per Aavik
Standby Task Force

Melanie Eckle
– Missing Maps

Sam Applebee
-Super Global

About the program:
Lectures and interviews from 18.00-20.00 and mingling,and “hygge” until 21.00.

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About Impact Nights:
Every other month we invite interesting entrepreneurs, pioneers and businesses to share theirs stories with us to engage, inspire and challenge our members and the entrepreneurial enviornment in Bergen.

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