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Impact Challenge, STEP & Gründermatch: Proactive Planning

Mar 15th - Mar 17th
0:00 - 23:59

Ouafa Rian is coming all the way from Denmark to lead participants through this session of learning how everyone can for themselves create space and time to clarify, strengthen or elaborate their own position: The motto is: Where are you right now – what will bring you further – where do you want to go?


This is an event for our Impact Challenge, Gründermatch and STEP participants where they will learn more about strategic and proactive planning for their businesses.


Thursday (17-20 pm): Proactive Planning & social gathering in the evening

Friday (12 am-19pm) for STEP & Gründermatch: Proactive Planning

Saturday (11am-18pm) for Impact Challenge: Proactive Planning


The main focus lies in recognizing how one can reach one’s highest potential:
Proactive planning is a set of exercises, that uncovers the thoughts behind ideas, desires, needs, and work opportunities. It is also a tool to become aware of what you are about to start and your future direction.


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