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Sexy Salad

Feb 14th
11:30 - 12:30
Do you also belong to the people that see salad as a diet food? Well we who care about your wellbeing think salads can be pretty sexy!

Come and join us on our new event “Sexy Salad” every Wednesday!

That’s how it works:
The salads will be the normal member lunch on Wednesdays! Visitors are welcome and bring 50 Krone, members bring a salad ingredient of their choice (or also 50 Krone), we meet at 11:30 and “cook” with music and eat at 12. Come whenever you want, just be sure to leave us the ingredient before 11:30!
No idea what you should bring?
What is always welcome is fresh fruit and ripe tomatoes. Fresh mint is also good or raisins and pine nuts because they make the couscous salad sexy. What is your favorite ingredient? Bring it!

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