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SIX Bergen Coffee #4 Impact Measurement – Social Impact

Nov 30th
8:00 - 9:00

Welcome to SIX Bergen Coffee!

Inspired by our friends in SIX Oslo – Social Innovation Exchange Oslo we recently formed SIX Bergen – Social Innovation Exchange Bergen – and starting up a monthly, informal meetup with coffee and conversations about social innovation and social entrepreneurship.
Why can it be valuable for your company to measure social impact and how do we find the right tools for measurement?

For our fourth event we invite you for a talk about social impact measurement together with our speakers Astrid Ouahyb Sundsbø from Uni Research, Rokkansenteret and Himanshu Ardawatia.
Astrid works as an researcher at Rokkansenteret, within the field of health, social care and migration. Himanshu is a consultant on sustainability atEnSensa Labs, a former Ted X Bergen speaker and also a social entrepreneur. In addition, Kathrine Marthinsen from Folkelig will introduce some cases on how social entrepreneurs measures their social results. This will be a parallell section with SIX Oslo: Å måle effekt, and we will make a summary of both events available afterwards.

This topic will be split into two sections: we start this next event with focus on social impact and then continue with environmental/sustainable impact on the14th of desember.

Don’t forget – this fine wedneday morning you can drink your first and most important cup of coffee There will be time for questions, comments and conversations about the topic, and you can hang around in the Hub café as long as you want.

Also – there will be a light breakfast together with the coffee for this event – powered by our heroes at GODT BRØD.

The SIX Bergen – Social Innovation Exchange Bergengroup is a collaboration with the social entrepreneurs in Folkelig and the social innovation lab Impact Hub Bergen. Join the group to get updates about the monthly events taking place in Bergen.

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