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Waffle Pitch: Design for Health Lab

Feb 7th
12:00 - 12:30
Impact Hub Bergen

Chronic pain is complex. Design can help tackle it.

Join us for a Waffle Pitch with Impact Hub Host, workshop facilitator and researcher Amy van den Hooven from the Faculty of Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen. Amy is the creator of the Design for Health Lab, which brings together students and people from all professions who are interested in tackling health issues in creative ways.

The Design for Health Lab will host a workshop at Impact Hub Bergen for those interested in health and/or are working on a health related project. The workshop will use Design Thinking to brainstorm, collaborate and prototype ideas that can improve the lives of people living with chronic pain.

The workshop will ask questions like:

– What could the future of health and pain management look like?

– What is chronic pain is and how does it affect people’s lives on a daily basis?

– What are our bodies are telling us with pain and what are pain triggers (environmental, social, cultural, mental and etc.)?

– Are there solutions to the problems that people living in pain experience?

The feedback from the workshop will serve as input for a report on “Invisible Pain” about those living with chronic pain. Amy will present the concept behind the study and provide more information on the upcoming workshop at the Waffle Pitch at Impact Hub.

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