HUMANS OF IMPACT HUB – Gunnbjørg’s Story
23 May 2018 - bergen


Gunnbjørg’s Story

It all started because I’m good at so many things but I couldn’t decide what I wanted to be when I grow up. Deciding for one thing to do was impossible. That’s what led me to studying business. After I finished my bachelor I spent a couple of months in Singapore for a company promoting eco-friendly tourism. Then I wanted to implement what I learned at business school and I joined a social entrepreneurship organization in South Africa, teaching women and young people how to start their own businesses and teaching them about the importance of collaboration and network.

After South Africa I joined my sisters company in Bergen, and I started making simple websites for her customers. One of her customers needed photos for a project, and that seemed like a fun job. I bought the camera on the way to the photoshoot. The pictures were good and that’s how I started to be a photographer.

Later I realized that my camera could make videos, and I started making short films for fun. Then I joined a film competition in Bergen with two friends and we won first place. The film was shown in the cinema and in the BIFF and people started calling me for photography and film jobs.

Now, 10 years after I started business school, I am running a small film production company. I want to make movies that have social impact and will matter to someone. I want to talk about taboos and do something that could help people when they are in these situations – suicides, abortions etc. That is what I am currently working on.