Humans of Impact Hub – Nayarit’s Story
4 May 2018 - bergen



I knew that I wanted to work with clothes since I was a child. I used to play with dolls and make clothes for the dolls. When I was in my teens I started making clothes for myself. I didn’t know how to make them but I just toke different cloths and tried it out.

I was always fascinated by clothing and how you can express yourself through clothes. And I wanted to create my own way of expression. Later on I decided I want to study fashion design.

I’m a very creative person and I like to draw and take pictures as well. It was in my teens that I realized I had talent for it as well. People liked what I did. When I started university I was really good at what I was doing. I learned fast and I knew then that it was my place because I was progressing so quickly.

When I was in my twenties I came up with the idea of having a brand called Nayaritas. Because I wanted to find a name that could represent me and could show what I did. Nayarit multiplied by everything I do turns into Nayaritas. When I knew the name I started producing summer clothing in Costa Rica. I’ve always created everything on my own because no one really knew how exactly I wanted it.

Then I travelled and moved away from Costa Rica. I get inspiration from traveling. I believe in working ethically because one has to work humanly, we have to think about nature. When I work with clothes I like to work with high quality materials and production methods. That’s why I produce locally. I don’t believe in fast fashion. I like to work with taboo themes, like naked bodies, feminism, women empowerment. And also gender equality: I promote it with my photography. I do all this because I don’t like that stores dictate what we wear.

I produce individually from person to person and help them express themselves through their clothes. My customers and I have a collaboration. I tell them what I think would suit them and they tell me what necessities they have. That’s how the product is developed.