Humans of Impact Hub Bergen
6 June 2016 - bergen


Humans og Impact Hub is a series of interviews with some of our members. We ask them questions about their start-up, what motivates them, their challenges, how Impact Hub Bergen helps their endeavours and where they see themselves in five years time.

This week is a duo that have been with us on-loan the past few months. Ingjerd Kristine Lie and Arja Erdal are at the tail end of an internship with Impact Hub Bergen. They are both studying Innovation and leadership at Bergen University College (Høgskulen i Bergen) and have been with us since April.

Just before they leave us we took a few moments to chat to them about their time with us.

What kind of activites have you been involved in at Impact Hub Bergen?

Ingjerd: We have been involved in so many different activities. Everything from organising a market to having sole responsibility for Impact Nights.

Arja: We were involved in everything around organising the event, Impact Nights. Everything from promoting the event and organising it. We were also involved in setting up a collaboration agreement for Impact Hub, and also helped editing and proof reading for the website and toolbox. We also helped a member with their application for a grant from Innovation Norway.

Ingjerd: We have also worked on a pro-bono project where we done a large survey to map out what skills entrepreneurs need, we interviewed 18 entrepreneurs, half from Impact Hub and half from BTO /T41 to map out and learn more about the needs of entrepreneurs in various phases of a start-up. We also worked on a annual cycle of what fixed activities we can have during the year and try to systemise this.

What have you learned about your time at Impact Hub Bergen?

Ingjerd: That it’s tough to be an entrepreneur. Basically. It requires hard work, dedication and endurance. It’s been a positive experience, but you see the reality of it. I admire the entrepreneurs we have met here, in many ways. To live in constant chaos and try to systemise everything. We have learnt a lot of theory at college about these things, but it gets a new meaning when you are here.

Arja: I’ve leant, and become more aware of the fact about letting go of ideas. Even though it may be your baby, you have to realise at some point that if it is not working you have to let it go.

Ingjerd: Yes. I guess we have learned that there is nothing wrong with trying and failing. I feel I have really seen how much work it actually is, but that there is so much to learn from these mistakes.

What’s been the most positive part of your internship?

Arja: I’d say its all the people we have gotten to know. All the incredibly impressive people with exciting ideas. We have gained a bigger network and also a summer job in one of the members companies. Also we have been involved in so many different aspects of an entreprenuers work.

Ingjerd: Everyone has been so open and honest with us when we have interviewed them. Its been a real pleasure to be emerged in this community. They have opened up and told us so much! We have also been more aware of the entrepreneurial scene in Bergen og what is available, which allows us to build on our network.

I also feel we have been able to come with lots of suggestions, and they have been taken seriously. That’s something I think has been really fun that we have been involved in so many processes and our ideas and thoughts have been used.

What are you dream jobs after you are finished with your Masters? Where are Ingjerd & Arya in 2020?

Arja: Oh, I don’t know if I want to say that aloud, I’ve learnt that from the entrepreneurs, haha. Hmm 2020, I think I will be finished with a masters form NHH and work for pwc. No, I don’t really know, its hard to say. I think I need to try a few different things and find out what I like to work with.

Ingjerd: I have a few different options. I think it would be interesting to start up something myself, but I also would like to work as an advisor. I really enjoy taling to entreprenuers and helping them. I find it fascinating working with start-ups, not neccesarily doing it myself, but helping and working with start-up firms.


We wish Ingjerd & Arja all the best on their future endeavours!