Humans of Impact Hub – Camilla Skare
27 March 2017 - bergen

Humans og Impact Hub Bergen is a series of interviews with some of our members. We ask them questions about their projects, what motivates them, their challenges, how Impact Hub Bergen helps their endeavours and their plans for the future.

This week we talk to Camilla from our member company Fysak Camp.


Interviewed and written by Sara Kapek

How did you find out about the Impact Hub? Tell us about you journey to the Hub.

I was about to establish my own company Fysak Camp and I wanted to come out of my home office. I have two little kids so I can not go out in the evenings. I was afraid that I could not get out of my house at all. Because of that I was looking for a coworking space and in this way I came across Impact Hub.

Tell us about Fysak Camp. What is it about? How did you come up with the idea for it?

I have been working in the fitness environment for about 20 years. As a personal trainer I met clients that were also parents. They were worried because their children did not want to join traditional physical activities for children like for example a football team. So they asked me to create something that would motivate self-conscious kids to like sports. So in January 2016 I started Fysak Camp.

Our current project is Fysak Activity. It lasts from 1 PM till 4 PM. We pick the children up from school right after they are done with their lessons. By now we do this at three schools and parents have to pay for their kids to join.

We have fun while being physical active for at least one hour each time. We discovered that it helps the children to develop self esteem and boosts their confidence.

What does a typical day at FysakCamp look like?

After we pick the children up from school we walk with them towards the camp area. It is always somewhere outside. Together as a group we listen to music then we play one or two games for example capture the flag or we throw balls towards trees.

We have some rules but the children can do basically what they want to (climb trees for example). After the games we make a bonfire and have sausages. That is followed by a quiz where each right answer is awarded with a marshmallow, one child can get up to three, when it has three, they can bake them on fire.

How was the fact that you work at the Impact Hub helpful for your company?

It is a fantastic place to meet people who face the same problems as I do, because they also run their own companies. It is also a perfect location to share your skills and help you to become better at what you are doing.

Also I got introduced into the Reach for change incubator program by Una (our event and community manager). In this program one can learn how to be precise in the values of what you are doing. How you can be a better social entrepreneur. So that you reach wider and do it better. Now I am in the final.

What do you like most about the Impact Hub?

That we cooperate! You can go downstairs, ask for help and come back with the solution.

Do you have some new projects? What is it?

Yes! It is called Fysak Leken and it is a play program that we are going to sell to schools but mostly kindergartens. It is supposed to combine playing, learning and physical activity.

Where do you see yourself in 2020?

Happy! I hope we have grown bigger, much bigger than we are now. Expand to more schools and start more projects.