Impact Challenge 2019: Mental Health
4 March 2019 - Impact Hub Team

The Norwegian healthcare system is among the best in the world. The living standard is high, and we live longer. Nonetheless, we are faced with many challenges. There is a steady rise of people seeking treatment and help in dealing with psychological problems. There is a waiting list for psychology programs at university, but at the same time there is a shortage of psychological services.

Some claim that society is moving forward too fast, and that the pressures of work life have become so high that the human biological development can’t keep up. More and more people seek help from the healthcare system in addressing psychological symptoms, especially anxiety and depression. There have been warnings of a large and increasing number of young people with mental health issues. The digital age and social media have introduced entirely new challenges related to self-perception, information overload, bullying through social media, and an increase in loneliness.

Psychological problems have become the most frequent reason for people to see their doctor. Once a patient has been diagnosed with psychological difficulties, it can  often be hard to get back into the work life. It can also feel taboo to discuss such issues with one’s employer.

How can we create a society that better supports mental health?

Impact Challenge is an innovation program which strives to generate new, obtainable solutions to a pressing problem for society. Through innovation methodology, business development, and design thinking as tools we find solutions in collaboration with those who know the challenges best.

This spring the Impact Challenge program will gather representatives from different knowledge environments; people struggling with mental illness, their relatives, education institutions, employers, and health services. The program will focus on the central challenges tied to preventative mental health in school and education, push for a more inclusive work life, and help create better mental health for the general public.

The topics that will be in focus in this year’s Impact Challenge are:

  1. Children and youth: Mental health in education
  2. Individuals meeting with the systems: Preventative measures for mental health problems
  3. Business and employees: An inclusive work life

The Impact Challenge program is held in Norwegian. You can find out more about the program here: