Impact Challenge enters incubation phase
12 November 2019 - Impact Hub Team

The Impact Challenge is an innovation program focused on generating new solutions to complex societal problems.

For the first round of Impact Challenge in 2017-2018, the program was focused on age-friendly societies. Now in its second round from 2019-2020, Impact Challenge is focused on mental health. Currently, Impact Hub has 9 startups in the incubation phase that are eagerly working on developing solutions within the mental health field.

Many of the companies we work with are focusing on functions and services that users say are lacking in today’s health system, for example, the need for an additional services  between a doctor and a psychiatrist or preventative measures for mastering stress and mindfulness in school.
– Impact Hub Founder, Silje Grastveit 

The Impact Challenge program goes over three phases; during the first phase, participants gain insight into the problem so they can dive deeper into the issues and understand the complexities. In the second phase, the participants search for possible solutions. In the third and final phase, a selected number of startups are accepted to the incubation program, where they receive mentorship, courses and guidance. They also become members of Impact Hub and get a space to work, meet other entrepreneurs and increase their visibility.

Several of the previous Impact Challenge participants have become very successful. One example is Pitstop, who are this year’s finalists among three candidates to receive Ferd’s “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” award; Lifeplanner, who have just received DIP funding for a half million NOK and were appointed as the year’s most important innovation program by DOGA; and Lifekeys, who has just expanded their platform to the European market. 

Impact Hub is proud to have supported so many important and impressive startups and we are looking forward to rolling out a new round focused on mental health in the new year. 

We are looking for even more startups and entrepreneurs that are already working on solutions in this field – contact us if  you would like to become involved!

The program is run in collaboration with Kavlifondet, Hordaland Fylkeskommune, Sparebanken Vest and Bergen Kommune. For more info on the program, visit