Impact Hub Bergen is Eco-Lighthouse certified for a further three years!
23 November 2020 - Impact Hub Team

We are proud to have passed our re-certification for a further three years as an Eco-Lighthouse company. This highly recognised environmental certification is our promise to take responsibility and action for the environment and a sustainable future.

Impact Hub Bergen aims to inspire, support and connect social entrepreneurs in order to realise solutions for common social challenges. We are part of a global network where we systematically use the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a lens through which to view our impact in the world. We run our business with high regard for our impact on the environment and society. Sustainability is an important decision-making factor for us as a company. Responsible use of our shared and limited natural resources is important to us. 

Impact Hub Bergen became certified with the Eco-Lighthouse environmental management system in 2017. The Eco-Lighthouse Foundation is the first national certification scheme in Europe to be recognised by the European Commission on a par with international eco-labelling schemes (EMAS and ISO 14001).

As an Eco-Lighthouse certified company, we are committed to measuring and evaluating our own consumption and continuously work towards improving our environmental performance. Miljøfyrtårn covers the internal and external environment, with a focus on maximising wellbeing while minimising negative impacts on a local and global scale. The “environment” refers to both the physical and social environment and includes a cultural dimension. 

Previous environmental reports show that Impact Hub Bergen has a small environmental footprint compared to other companies of a similar size, and we aim to maintain this. The greatest part of our emissions stem from transport and energy. 

Our Goals



  • We aim to create a pleasant and safe working environment for all of our staff and community members.
  • It is our highest priority to prevent anyone from getting sick or injured at work. 



  • We value diversity; we are an inclusive and equal opportunity employer.
  • We offer opportunities for professional development through internships and work placements.
  • Our various programs are designed to develop and promote solutions for pressing social challenges such as age-friendly societies, mental health, diversity & inclusion and youth support.



  • We cherish, preserve and spread knowledge about the cultural value of the UNESCO World Heritage site we are located in.
  • We take care of our premises and materials in order to minimise our environmental impact.  



  • We are dedicated to minimising our consumption and production of waste. 
  • We reuse where possible.
  • We recycle our waste.


  • We mainly serve vegetarian food.
  • We source our ingredients from organic and local producers where possible. 
  • We are dedicated to minimising food waste.


  • We use Eco-Lighthouse certified suppliers where possible. For example, our security service, cleaning service and printing service are Eco-Lighthouse and/or ISO 14001 certified. 
  • Where possible, we support small local businesses and startups through our purchasing.


Learn about becoming Eco-Lighthouse certified here.