At Impact Hub Bergen, we offer programs designed to create and scale solutions to systemic problems by inspiring, connecting and enabling citizens, entrepreneurs and organisations – to work together in collaborative environments and to jointly create resilient entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Entrepreneurial Support

Supporting individuals or groups of people in developing the entrepreneurial skills, connections, and confidence to act for social impact.

STEP (Social innovation Training and Education Programme) is a pilot project for developing social entrepreneurship.
GründerMatch connects jobseekers with startups to gain hands-on entrepreneurship experience.
A place for food entrepreneurs to experiment with new ideas.

Education & Learning

Building awareness and sharing stories that inspire and engage people, including the youth who will shape our future.

A six week intensive teaching program for university students on social innovation.
Fremtidspiloten is an innovative climate education program in cooperation with Bærekraftige Liv, Impact Hub Bergen og Raftostiftelsen.

Innovation & Collaboration

Programs that bring bottom-up innovators together with institutional players; invite new perspectives from scientists, artists, activists, and youth; and include those who are the most affected but often don’t have a say. We use formats and methodologies that get the best out of such diversity and drive meaningful action.

Impact Challenge is an innovation program for generating new, realisable solutions to pressing social challenges.