Work with us! Operational Manager (position filled)
8 August 2018 - bergen

Job Description:

We are looking for an Operational Manager who can help develop Impact Hub Bergen to the next stage. The Operational Manager will be the General Managers right hand. You will be in charge of office clients, take part in internal processes (from board reporting, tracking financial targets to some HR processes), and lead development projects. The work description will also cover space management (various repairs and adjustments) or meetings with suppliers and service connected to bookings and a variety of member requests.

Tasks include:

Business Development: Service development & innovation. Increase different revenue streams.

Member value: Increase member benefits and further develop the value proposition to members.

Collaboration: Attract and coordinate volunteers, collaborative partners and develop the team.

Communication: Coordinate work on strategic communication in a number of channels.

Attraction and sales: Attract new customers and follow up on sales of services.

Event planning and coordination: Plan, coordinate and facilitate events and programs.

Administrative assistance: Assist the General Manager in different administrative tasks.

Strategy and growth: Work with the leadership team and the board on strategy and growth.

You can be our Operational Manager if …

You are a natural leader, you can give constructive feedback, you are people oriented and a doer. You enjoy working efficiently and improving the processes, you have an eye for detail, but also the natural ability to see the bigger picture. You are a systematic and practical person.

You enjoy multitasking and will have a variety of tasks every day (from the exchange of air conditioning in the open space, giving feedback to a team member and helping with an event after creating a financial plan or preparing your own agenda for the next six months).

You are not afraid of responsibility and you have the working habits of an experienced Project Leader: you understand the terms, you can delegate, you can plan ahead, you know how to split an unclear or complex task into smaller, deliverable parts.

You are preferably not a newcomer, you have previous experience with project management that you can rely on. You are good at planning, but are also not afraid to make decisions. You have a degree in economics or you are a natural talent with numbers. You know what is margin, cashflow etc.

You share our values and worldviews and talk with your friends about how to improve the world. You have what we call a Hub spirit: you are a cheerful person with a positive attitude to life and the world with a good sense of humour. You like people. You understand the importance of community and relationships, and you can build and maintain them. You speak and write fluent English, and it is a clear advantage if you also speak and write Norwegian fluent, but not an absolute criterium.

What can we offer?

An 80% position, starting September 15th, 2018. Salary upon further agreement.

You become part of a creative community and a global network of social innovators. As a core member of our management team, you will support new up n`coming entrepreneurs,  take part in the development of Impact Hub Bergen towards next stage, and get the opportunity to join a number of events for knowledge and inspiration.

Application deadline: August 21st, 2018

Please send your application as a motivational letter with your CV along with two references.

Apply here